Seb has had the pleasure of performing for two consecutive years in the Edinburgh Fringe festival. First as ‘Bedlam’ in ‘The Roses of Eyam’, and then the next year as ‘Lysander’ in ‘A Midsummers Night Dream’. Since moving to Melbourne Seb has appeared in a number of theatre shows; as ‘Mason’ in ‘Waiting On You’ performed at Southbank Theatre, as ‘Nigel’ in ‘Cracked Smiles’ performed at Chapel Off Chapel, and ‘Jack Martin’ in ‘Helendale Nude Footy Calendar’ performed at Gasworks Theatre, as ‘Johnny’ in ‘Crush’ performed at The Owl & Cat Theatre.

Seb just appeared in ‘You Look Like Your Father’ as ‘Jacob’ in the Australian Debut at Chapel Off Chapel in August.


TV & Film

Having appeared on ‘Offspring’ and ‘Method’, Seb is no stranger to a TV appearance. He has played a wide range of characters in a great number of short films, as well. With his first role in a feature film, ‘Aperture’, being released in 2019.

Seb also wrote, starred in and co-produced the short film ‘That’s Batman’. Which has been selected in a number of film festivals, including as a finalist in ‘Bayside Film Festival’.



You will probably recognise Seb most for his ‘Pure Scot: Scotch With Balls’ campaign. However he has also appeared in commercials for; J.G. King Homes, Banana Boat, ‘Natalie’ eSafety Campaign, Qivr and Australia Post.